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HOW TO USE EMOLUMENTS DOCUMENTS Rerum suarum quilibet est moderator et arbiter Everyone is the manager and disposer of his own matters.

1. Step 1 is to open the “Bookmark” section to the left side of the screen in Adobe reader, and click the bookmark icon to expand it. You will notice each “Tab” contains a specific Report or Brief. These have already been presented to Congress so they will recognize them as they are. It will also point out you’ve elected to assume your position in “Standing” in the court to be “Higher” than “Pro Se”.

2. The Federal Documents “Amicus Brief”, and “Judicial Report” should be presented “As is”. (meaning no alteration/s necessary) Knowing these previous 2 documents resulted in the DOJ rescinding the practice of enforcement through “Guidance Documents” as of November 16th 2017; I have also attached that directive from Jeff Session to the end of “Tab 2” for clarification to your judge / Hearing Officer (whatever their designated title happens to be).

3. Tab 3, or the “Weaponized Family Court” Reports is where you can begin your work in altering the “Florida” information to fit your own case and State. Your State’s Constitution will vary slightly to mine. a. Go to your State’s .gov website to download yours for free. I have also provided the Florida State Constitution for you so you can begin to compare ours to yours for transposing purposes

4. Once you have altered the Weaponized Family Court Report to fit your case, and circumstances; you have the option of also combining them with the State level Documents starting in “Tab 4”. Again begin comparisons between my State’s Constitution (Provided) to your State’s Constitution. (you must research your own)

5. I have also included my most recent MANDATE from the Florida Court as well as my 2017 year end report (1 page) confirming E~Clause LLC as a real entity having Standing in the Court, as well as Congress.