Represent Yourself In Court

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Prepare and present a winning court case! 

Written in plain English, Represent Yourself in Court breaks down the trial process into easy-to-understand steps so that you can act as your own lawyer -- safely and efficiently. Find out what to say, how to say it, even where to stand when you address the judge and jury. 

Armed with these simple but thorough instructions, you'll be well prepared to achieve good results, without the cost of an attorney. Find out how to: 

file court papers
handle depositions and interrogatories
comply with courtroom procedures
pick a jury
prepare your evidence and line up witnesses
present your opening statement and closing argument
cross-examine hostile witnesses
understand and apply rules of evidence
locate, hire and effectively use expert witnesses
make and respond to your opponent's objections
get limited help from an attorney as needed
monitor the work of an attorney if you decide to hire one

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, this book will help you confidently handle a divorce, personal injury case, landlord/tenant dispute, breach of contract, small business dispute or any other civil lawsuit. 

The 7th edition is completely updated to include the latest rules and court procedures and more sample documents to help guide you through your case.