The Greatest Story Never Told

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Among other things, this book will share with you the secrets used by many Americans, even today, to avoid the traps of the Federal Government which have placed millions of state Citizens into a state of servitude to the United States and all of its sister companies and co-parties.  The book will show you in detail how to know if you are eligible to be a sovereign with no income taxes, and few, if any, property taxes (many of you are!).  It will show you how to establish a bank account right in your hometown bank that the IRS cannot even look at, much less seize.  It will show you how to stop being told (and punished if you don’t listen and abide by the Code and regulations) whether or not to wear a seat belt or stop at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere with no one else around.  It will show you how to tell the IRS to ‘go away’, and then make them do it.  If you qualify, this book will change your life so dramatically that you won’t recognize yourself, either physically or spiritually, within  six  months  after  you  have  employed  the  secrets  herein  contained.